Metro Internship 2023 | Metro Cash & Carry Internship Program

Metro Internship 2023; Metro Cash and Carry is one of the major Wholesale & supermarkets across the world. You will have the chance to make a difference for more than 16 million clients in 34 countries The Metro Cash & Carry offers Metro Internship 2023  Internship, Graduate Programs, Traineeship, Working Student, and Global Internship Programs, International applicants can apply for the Metro Internship, Graduate Programs, Traineeship, and undergraduate Student programs in any country or in their own country where METRO works. Metro offers a Paid Internship program. All the selected candidates will get paid. Become a member of METRO and a part of continued success in the commercial wholesale section.

Metro Internship 2023
Metro Internship 2023


If you want to apply for the MTERO internship opportunities you will check your country’s METRO website where the entire internship program will be given. If you want to work in any other country then “METRO International Graduate Program” is the one you had to search for. The METRO chains your development, your pleasure, and your success. Whether you are a student, a graduate, or a young professional, you can find a career at METRO.

METRO has more than 680 stores in 34 countries. It is available to Current Undergraduate, Graduate, or Graduated students from any part of the world. An internship in METRO can mean so much more than a simple introduction to the occupied world.

Details about the Metro internship program:

Metro offers students 4 different programs. So we will discuss each program in detail.

  • Graduate Programs (University Students)
  • Internship (Professional Career)
  • Working Student (Early Career)
  • Internship (University Students)

Graduate Programs:

Are you recently passed out from university, a graduate student? Are you a student of management? Then you are on the right platform here you find the internships at Metro. Would you like to work in your own country or look for an international internship?

Who are eligible for the internship?

Metro offers internships to passionate college and undergraduate students to launch their careers in the fields. Here you find the big opportunities that didn’t end for you when your programs end. For more information click on the website.


if you want to make your career better then you had to find the metro internship program which will help you to make your future strong.

If you have completed your university degree then you are eligible for the internship.


The students who are still in college and want to improve their skills in the required field then they can apply for the Metro internship program and join a part-time.

Internship benefits:

In the US the internees get 20$ per hourly stipend from the internship program.

Fields offered by Metro:

Metro offered internships to students of different backgrounds. Students can apply in any field:

  • Packaging Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Investment Controlling

METRO Working Countries

  • METRO Austria
  • METRO Belgium
  • MAKRO Belgium
  • METRO Bulgaria
  • METRO Croatia
  • MAKRO Czech Republic
  • METRO France
  • METRO Germany
  • METRO Hungary
  • METRO India
  • METRO Italy
  • METRO Kazakhstan
  • METRO Moldova
  • MAKRO Netherlands
  • METRO Slovakia
  • MAKRO Spain
  • METRO Turkey
  • METRO Ukraine
  • METRO Pakistan
  • MAKRO Poland
  • MAKRO Portugal
  • METRO Romania
  • METRO Russia
  • METRO Serbia

How to Apply for the Metro Cash and Carry Internship Program:

  • The application for the metro internship program is submitted online.
  • From the website, you will see the internship program application from different countries.
  • Selected the country where you want the internship and fill out the application form.
  • Selected students will be informed by E-mail.


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Have a stroke of good luck!

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