Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023 in France

 Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023 in France – Do you want to apply for the opportunity of a scholarship in FRANCE? Welcome you are at the right place. The government of France is providing a wonderful opportunity for scholarships for 2023-2024. Then, what are you waiting for?? Apply for the Emile Boutmy Scholarship. Well, this scholarship is available for students who don’t have a nationality of France. All students around the world are welcome to this golden opportunity. Students who want to continue their studies in a bachelor’s and master’s degree program are eligible for that.

The platform of The Emile Boutmy Scholarships offers fully financed programs for international students. The fact is that this scholarship program has been established by THE INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL STUDIES, the SCIENCE PO UNIVERSITY IN FRANCE. The applicants are showing their interest from all over the world. Candidates who are interested in studying at the best universities in FRANCE should avail this opportunity as soon as possible before the deadline.

Let’s CHECK OUT, your merit in Èmile Boutmy Scholarship; If you are qualified for this BEST INITIATIVE as an international student in FRANCE:

Scholarship Benefits

The benefits an international student can acquire in The Emile Boutmy Scholarship are of four categories: there are overall 4 categories of scholarship are offered by the Government of FRANCE for study in the best universities for international students of different UNDERGRADUATE degree programs at a different levels. They are;

  • TYPE A programme
  • TYPE B programme
  • TYPE C programme
  • TYPE D programe

The Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Type A:

The winners of this Golden opportunity of this Scholarship will be eligible for a handsome amount for tuition fee worth €13,000 amount a year, as well as the students, will be awarded for living expenses of  €5,000.

The Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Type B:

Well, the students in the TYPE B Scholarship programs are eligible for a wonderful chance to get €8,8000 for an overall career as a Bachelor Student.

 The Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Type C:

The students who fall in the TYPE C Scholarship program will get €6,000 a year in His/her overall Bachelor’s degree program.

The Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Type D:

The international students with TYPE D are qualified to get €36,00 a year for their overall Bachelor’s degree programme.

Master’s students will get an amount of €12,200 per year for the whole Master’s program of 1 or 2 years.

  • However, there are special awards are available for the MASTER`S programs:

Master`s students will get €12,2000 per year for their whole Master`s PROGRAM no matter if it is for 1 year or 2 years.

Available facilities:

Now, let`s check out the possibilities available facilities in France from where the student can acquire all the benefits of The Emile Boutmy Scholarships; these are limited to :

  1. School of International Affairs
  2. School of Public Affairs
  3. School of Law
  4. School of Management and Innovation
  5. School of Urban Studies
  6. School of Journalism

Doctoral School: economics, history, sociology, political studies

Eligibility Criteria:

The students should fall on some of the basic eligibility criteria to get Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2023-2024;

First of all, only international students are eligible to apply for this Scholarship. The student must not have a nationality of FRANCE. Secondly, students who have European nationality are also not eligible to get this opportunity. Thirdly, SWISS or Norwegian students are not able to get this Scholarship. Fourthly, a person who even has dual nationality is also not qualified to avail of this Scholarship. Fifthly, if the student is living in Québec, he/she can apply for only Bachelor`s program. Sixthly, China nationality students can apply but not for everyone, it is limited. Seventhly, exchange students are perfectly eligible to get this golden opportunity of The Emile Boutmy Scholarships. Eighthly, the student can apply for only one time for this Glided Opportunity. Well, an excellent grip on the English language is not compulsory for the applicants for the Scholarship. The MOST IMPORTANT THING is that The Emile Boutmy Scholarships do not support the students of dual degree programs.

Documents Required:

  • A photocopy of all the degrees of the applicant.
  • A photo of all the latest academic transcripts.
  • CV/Resume
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Research proposal
  • Official English language Proficiency certificates
  • Proof of family income
  • Reference documents.


 The deadline for the application for The Emile Boutmy Scholarships is 22 FEBRUARY 2023.

Let`s not waste a single second, apply  for this lifetime chance of  getting the Scholarship;

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