DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023-2024

 DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023-2024. Are you aware of the scholarship programs in Germany?? Are you interested in studying the Best Educational Environment of study in Germany?? Let`s check out basic know-how about the golden opportunity of getting a genuine study scholarship in Germany. DAAD is actually the German Academic Exchange Service. It is the world’s largest and most well-known funding organization that exchanges students and researchers internationally and supports them in their higher education. The Government of Germany is offering  DAAD which offers Fully Funded Scholarships to students who want to avail an opportunity to get their education in Germany. Every year from all over the world internationally, a large number of students have enrolled in DAAD Scholarships in Germany.

Congratulations DAAD Scholarships in Germany are open to all international candidates now again for 2023-24. Now The Government of Germany fully sponsors DAAD scholarships and is inviting students to study in Germany.

  • It`s an estimation that there are almost  10,00,00+ scholarships available for international students each year to apply.
  • DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023-2024 offer full-time Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs(Ph.D.) for all international candidates at top German Universities.
  • Every year DAAD German Organization funds more than 1,00,000 students studying in Germany.
  • The organization will cover all the expenses for every candidate.
  • The students who are interested to study in Germany should avail this wonderful opportunity as soon as possible.

Let`s check out more about DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023-2024:

 Benefits offering in DAAD Scholarship in Germany :

First of all, it is a Fully Funded Scholarship and it`s a full invitation to experience study at German University. Secondly, the students who are interested in the graduate will receive the award of 861 Euros per month and the Ph.D. students will receive 1200 Euros per month. Thirdly, health insurance, travel allowances academic expenses the student will be covered by the DAAD Scholarships program in Germany. Fourthly DAAD is also providing full accommodation for the family members of the student. Fifthly this student will receive monthly rent stipends as well ….

  • Isn`t it a wonderful and lifetime chance to enjoy the study environment in Germany

DAAD Scholarships in Germany Duration:

  • A Master’s program typically lasts between 12 to 24 months and a Doctoral program (Ph.D.) lasts up to 3 to 6 months.

Residential benefits for the student in Germany

  • International students in Germany are also allowed to work part-time in their free time.
  • They can make an average salary of €450 to €600 per month.
  • Student Visa will allow all the candidates to move freely in Germany while on vacation.

Fields of Study which is covered by DAAD Scholarship in Germany:

1000 students travel abroad to study at world-class universities in Germany. They are Offering Scholarships in the following fields:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Cooperation for Development.
  3. Complementary Sciences and Engineering.
  4. Forestry and agricultural sciences
  5. Natural and environmental sciences.
  6. Health and medicine.
  7. Media study
  8. Law, education, and social sciences.
  9. Urban and regional planning.
  10. Political economics.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates from all developing countries are eligible for this Scholarship Program. The candidate can Check the list of developing countries on the website of DAAD official website.
  • Applicants must have completed 4 years of Bachelor’s degree + the applicant`s academic degree must be at six years.
  • Applicant must have 2 years of work experience in a relevant field.

Documents Required 

  • Hand-signed CV/Resume. +2 page hand-signed motivation letter
  • The student`s educational recommendation letter must be approved and signed. + His/her professional recommendation letter from their company must have an authorized signature.+ Student’s Verified Academic Degrees
  • Acknowledgment of employment from their home country. + Must have English Proficiency
  • The student must have the knowledge of IELTS (band 6) minimum score of 550
  • German language; the candidate can only get admission to German University if you have a DSH 2 or Test DaF4 certificate.
  • The certificate should be equal to or more than the B1 level at the time of application.
  • COMPETENCY in both English and Germany is necessary. 

Application process. 

  • Submit a complete application to the particular postgraduate program. A selection board will recommend DAAD Scholarships to potential candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be informed and asked to provide a complete application To DAAD official website. When the selection process will be completed, applicants will be informed.


That’s all about  DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2023-2024. We wish you a stroke of very good luck.



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